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Tennessee bass clubs can help themselves and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) by participating in a program designed to improve management of black bass populations statewide.

Reservoir bass fisheries are one of Tennessee’s most important recreational resources. Surveys of reservoir anglers identify black bass as the most sought after sport fish in the Volunteer State.

The TWRA solicits bass tournament data from bass clubs and tournament organizations for tournaments that are held on Tennessee reservoirs. This collected data is recorded in the B.I.T.E. (Bass Information from Tournament Entries) program.

Participating clubs receive an annual report that provides them summaries on catch statistics such as the average sizes of bass weighed in, the hours it takes to catch a five-pound bass, catch rates by number and pound, and more. For instance, in 2007, the average weight of bass was 2.22 pounds and average hours to catch a bass five pounds or greater was 357. Average catch rates were 1.68 bass and 3.74 pounds per 10 hours of fishing.

State fisheries biologist use the data, along with other sampling data, to document trends in bass populations that lead to appropriate management actions. The Agency needs the support of every bass club and organization in Tennessee to make the program a success. If you are a tournament angler, urge your Tournament Director to submit your clubs tournament results.

Bass clubs choosing to participate in B.I.T.E. may submit their tournament data via the online reporting system, or a downloadable report card which can be printed, filled out, and mailed to TWRA. Scroll down for links to these and other information. If you prefer, post-paid tournament report cards can be mailed to you for submitting your clubs data.

For more information, or to request post-paid tournament report cards, please contact the TWRA Fisheries Management Division at (615) 781-6575.