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Bigeye Chub - Hybopsis amblops

(This page was last updated - 06/13/2007)

Scientific name: Hybopsis amblops (Hybopsis = "rounded face", amblops = "blunt face")

Common name: bigeye chub

bigeye chub 
A Clinch River bigeye chub - photo by Jim Negus

Species Overview

The bigeye chub is very common in the rivers and large creeks of middle and east Tennessee. They are intolerant of siltation and have been extirpated from much of their former range in the Midwest.



Bigeye chubs have large eyes and short, blunt snouts. They have a relatively large barbel present at the back corner of the mouth and abundant pigmentation above their lateral stripe.


preserved bigeye chub
A preserved Holston River bigeye chub - photo by Jim Negus


Bigeye chub spawn in late spring to early summer and reach a maximum size of 4-inches. They feed on midge larvae, mayfies, and stoneflies.


bigeye chub
A Holston River bigeye chub - photo by Jim Negus


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