Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

TWRA's Region 4 - East Tennessee

Reservoir Fisheries Management Program

Melton Hill Reservoir Boat Ramps and Marinas

TVA's Public Boat Ramp Hickory Creek Park Boat Ramp Melton Hill Park Boat Ramp Melton Hill Park Secondary Boat Ramp Clark Center Park Boat Ramp Guinn Road Park Boat Ramp Solway Park Boat Ramp Bull Run Creek Park Boat Ramp Melton Lake Drive Boat Ramp Gibbs Ferry Park Boat Ramp Lost Bottom Park Boat Ramp Clinton City Park Boat Ramp Dismal Bluff Boat Ramp Highway 61 Bridge Boat Ramp Melton Hill Marina

Marina / Boat Dock 
Boat Ramps / Access Areas

 1. Melton Hill       A. TVA's Boat Ramp by the Dam
        B. Hickory Creek Park
        C. Melton Hill Park #1
        D. Melton Hill Park #2
        E. Clark Center "Carbide" Park
        F. Guinn Road Park
        G. Solway Park
        H. Bull Run Creek Park
        I. Melton Lake Drive (Rowing Facility)  
        J. Gibbs Ferry Park
        K. Lost Bottom Park
        L. Clinton City Park (Riverside Drive)
        M. Dismal Bluff
        N. Highway 61 Bridge - Eagle Bend


Melton Hill has only one marina which is located off Solway Ferry Road and just south of the Solway Park Boat Ramp.  The marina does not have a boat ramp, but has a newly installed fuel pump and may sell fuel during peak boating seasons.




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