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Reservoir Fisheries Management Program

Rob Lindbom - Aquatic Habitat Protection Program


Rob Lindbom

Although Rob is not an "official" member of the reservoir program, he is always eager to help when we need assistance sampling our various fish populations. He has contributed greatly to the quality of the fish photo gallery located on this site thanks to his exceptional fish dipping abilities and keen eye for interesting specimens. Rob is an expert angler and a "fish head" at heart.

Rob received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Augusta State University in 1989. He continued his education at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where he earned a Masters of Science degree in Fisheries in 1992. His thesis involved an angler survey of the Hiwassee River in Polk County to evaluate special trout fishing regulations.

Rob has been a Biologist with the State since 1994. He worked four years with both the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation on the Oak Ridge Reservation and the Tennessee Department of Health’s Aquatic Biology Laboratory in Nashville. He joined TWRA in 2002 and is currently the Aquatic Habitat Protection Biologist for a 21 county area in East Tennessee.

His job responsibilities include handling fish kills, reviewing permits for projects that may impact waters of the state including mining operations, and coordinating Region IV's farm pond management program. Rob also works with the state-wide suba diving unit conducting mussel surveys and with the Environmental Services Division collecting fish tissue for contaminant analysis.