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Paul Shaw - Norris Reservoir Angler Survey

Paul Shaw

Paul grew up in Auburn, Alabama and graduated from Auburn High School in 1969. Before leaving high school, he began working in Auburn University's fisheries department on an experimental channel catfish cage culture project. After a year at the University of Mississippi (1969-70), he transferred to Auburn University, graduating in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fisheries Management.

While attending Auburn, he worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Cooperative Unit, helping in pre-impoundment fish population surveys on what was to become West Point Reservoir. When not in the field, Paul worked in the USFWS/AU ichthyology lab identifying larval fish and performing general curator work at the research museum.

After graduating, he served a 3-year stint with the Navy as the Data Processing Division Officer in the Operations Department, with collateral duties as air intercept controller and Combat Information Center Watch Officer, aboard the USS Mount Whitney, LCC-20. He served 8 additional years in the Naval Reserve.

He moved to Clinton in 1977 and worked for Sprague Electric Corp. until getting back into the fisheries field as the Norris Reservoir Creel Clerk in 1987. From 1988-1999, he also wrote a weekly fishing column for local newspapers. He continues to enjoy the Norris Creel Clerk position to this day.