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Norris Reservoir Bass Tournament Data


A Norris smallmouth

Expect this page to change significantly as things progress and more tournament data is obtained.

Results from the Union CO Rescue Squad Tournament - April 30, 2011

Total number of boats = 92
Hours fished per boat = ~9.0
Number of boats that weighed-in SMB = 29
Catch rate of weighed-in SMB for all boats = 0.12/hr/boat
Catch rate of weighed-in SMB for boats with SMB = 0.40/hr/boat
Average length of SMB weighed-in = 18.99 inches
Longest SMB = 20.47 inches
Winning weight = 5 SMB, 17.98 pounds

105 SMB, 45 LMB, and 2 SPB were weighed-in - three SMB were sub-legal

Union CO Rescue Squad Smallmouth lengths
Number of smallmouth per inch group from the Union County Rescue Squad TX