Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

TWRA's Region 4 - East Tennessee

Reservoir Fisheries Management Program

Melton Hill Lake - Electrofishing 2010

Sampling dates: April 28 - May 3, 2010
Species collected in survey (12 runs, 3.0 hrs total effort):

White Crappie = 13
Black Crappie = 2
Blacknose Black Crappie = 1
Largemouth Bass = 299
Smallmouth Bass = 26
Spotted Bass = 18
Muskie = 5

We continue to have extremely good electrofishing catches of largemouth bass. Thirty percent of the largemouth collected in 2010 were 14-inches or greater. This is a very positive sign since only a small percentage of largemouth were greater than the 14-inch minimum length limit in recent years.

The muskie fishery is progressing amazingly well. Early targeted sampling to obtain fish for radio tagging produced a good sample of fish. There have been several substantiated reports of 53-inch muskie being caught (see the muskie webpage). Skipjack herring, threadfin, and gizzard shad provide excellent forage for game fish and are abundant throughout the reservoir.

Electrofishing catch rates for crappie have declined during the past few years. TWRA's angler survey, however, indicates a substantial fishery exists.


freshwater drum

A large freshwater drum or "gaspergoo" collected from Melton Hill in 2007


Largemouth length frequency

Largemouth bass length frequency


Largemouth catch rates

Largemouth bass catch rates


White Crappie catch rates

White crappie catch rates


Smallmouth Bass length frequency

Smallmouth bass length frequency