Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

TWRA's Region 4 - East Tennessee

Reservoir Fisheries Management Program

Fort Patrick Henry Lake - Electrofishing 2016

Sampling date: May 2, 2016
Species collected in survey (5 runs, 1.3 hrs total effort):

Largemouth Bass = 54
Smallmouth Bass = 37
Walleye = 41


The 2016 largemouth bass catch rates were below average. The low largemouth catch rates could be due to cooler water temperatures. The overall size structure of largemouth bass in the reservoir was good. A PSD value of 69 indicates that the size structure is good for largemouth bass. An RSD-P value of 42 indicates that the population also had a desired proportion of preferred length (15-inch) in the population. The relative weights for the larger fish were above average for East Tennessee reservoirs; this is probably due to the good forage base of larger gizzard shad in the reservoir.

Smallmouth bass catch rates were well above average again this year, with a catch rate of 37.6 fish/hour. The catch rate for smallmouth bass over the 18-inch minimum size limit was also above average. Hopefully, the increase in larger size smallmouth bass will continue in this reservoir and will lead to a higher quality smallmouth bass fishery. The relative weights for smallmouth were slightly about average for east Tennessee reservoirs.

We are very excited that we are starting to see some of the Rockcastle strain walleye showing up in our samples. We collected 3 walleye in 2014 and 2 during the 2015 reservoir sample. This year we collected 41 is our reservoir electrofishing sample. The stream survey crew collected is also collecting a few walleye in their samples fish near Boone dam. This is very promising and shows good survival of stocked fish.


Largemouth bass size structure


Largemouth bass condition


Smallmouth bass size structure


Smallmouth bass condition