Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

TWRA's Region 4 - East Tennessee

Reservoir Fisheries Management Program

Douglas Lake - Electrofishing 2016

Sampling dates: March 22 - April 14, 2016
Species collected in survey (12 runs, 3 hrs total effort):
(Smallmouth data is from targeted samples)

Black Crappie = 23
White Crappie = 28
Smallmouth Bass = 262
Largemouth Bass = 249


The 2016 smallmouth bass catch rates were a little below average, with a CPUE of 28.8fish/hour. We saw another strong year class in 2015, in which over half of the fish collected (60%) were 7-inches and under. Large number of smallmouth bass sampled under 7-inches, the last few years, should help smallmouth populations remain stable and fishing should continue to improve. The relative weights for smallmouth bass were normal for Douglas Reservoir.

The 2015 largemouth bass catch rates were below average, with a CPUE of 83.0 fish/hour. This year we saw a large percentage of fish between 10 to 14-inches (45%). It looks like these fish recruited from the smaller size class we saw last year. The large number of smaller fish in the largemouth bass population will help to ensure a stable and quality fishery for the next several years. The relative weights for largemouth were also normal for Douglas Reservoir.


Largemouth bass size structure


Largemouth bass condition


Smallmouth bass size structure


Smallmouth bass condition