Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

TWRA's Region 4 - East Tennessee

Reservoir Fisheries Management Program

Chilhowee Lake - Electrofishing 2012

Sampling date: April 17 and May 2, 2012
Species collected in survey (6 runs, 2.3 hrs total effort):

Largemouth Bass = 121
Smallmouth Bass = 21


We collected a good sample of largemouth Chilhowee in 2012. Smallmouth were abundant in the upper, riverine section of the reservoir while largemouth were most prevalent in the warmer embayments including Abrams Creek.

The largemouth bass length frequency indicates good annual reproduction and recruitment. Most of the largemouth were between 9 to 16-inches in length, but a good number of smaller fish were also collected. Condition values for both species were relatively good for such an infertile, tributary system.

Other species collected included bluegill, redbreast, rainbow trout, brook silverside, yellow perch, warmouth, rockbass, and several species of redhorse.


Chilhowee Redbreast Sunfish

A large Chilhowee redbreast sunfish


largemouth length frequency

Largemouth bass size structure


largemouth bass relative weight

Largemouth bass condition (95-100 is ideal)


smallmouth bass relative weight

Smallmouth bass condition (95-100 is ideal)