Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

TWRA's Region 4 - East Tennessee

Reservoir Fisheries Management Program

Calderwood Lake - Electrofishing 2006

Sampling date: June 6, 2006
Species collected in survey (2 runs, 1.7 hrs total effort):

Largemouth Bass = 2
Smallmouth Bass = 3
Rockbass = 25
Brown Trout = 1


Calderwood is likely the most infertile and least productive reservoir in East Tennessee. It is also a very difficult reservoir to sample by electrofishing because it has such deep, clear, low conductivity water.

Very few fish were collected and most fish were netted in the upper, riverine section of the reservoir. Rockbass appear to be the most abundant species in the reservoir and likely provide the major forage for trout and bass. Rainbow trout are stocked on a regular basis and lake trout were stocked in 1998 and 2001.

Species collected included bluegill, rockbass, brown trout, largemouth, smallmouth, river chub, northern hogsucker, white sucker, logperch, green sunfish, warpaint shiner, yellow perch, and sculpin.


Calderwood - White Sucker

A Calderwood Reservoir white sucker