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Reservoir Fisheries Management Program



Whereas, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency are established by the legislature of the State of Tennessee for the purpose of placing first and foremost the welfare, management, and conservation of wildlife and habitat resources; and,

WHEREAS, fishing, boating, hunting and wildlife viewing are recreational activities vital to the public and economic interest of the great State of Tennessee; and,

WHEREAS, The State Boating Safety Act was given solely to the Wildlife Resources Agency for administration and coordination; and,

WHEREAS, an estimated 392,027 fishing hours were expended in 2000 on Douglas Lake and 40% of this effort was expended by crappie anglers; and,

WHEREAS, the value of crappie angler daily expenditures in 2000 at Douglas Lake was estimated at $379,390 with an overall economic effect $811,895; and,

WHEREAS, the Tennessee Valley Authority holds authority to control water levels on the reservoirs of the Tennessee River and its tributaries; and,

WHEREAS, adequate and stable water levels throughout the peak boating and fishing seasons are crucial to the public's enjoyment and critical to the financial success of the marinas and lakeside resorts; and,

WHEREAS, water level management by the Tennessee Valley Authority has been shown to adversely affect the spawning success of several sport fish species, including crappie, in tributary reservoirs; and,

WHEREAS, the spawning success of crappie in 1999, 2000, and 2001 was low to non-existent in Douglas Lake due to low spring lake levels; and,

WHEREAS, angler catches of crappie have declined 74% between 1998 and 2000 as a result of the failed crappie spawning success,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission on the 31st day of January, 2002, and in furtherance of the unanimous Resolution of the 31st day of January, 2002, petitions the Tennessee Valley Authority Board of Directors to raise water level at Douglas Lake to full pool prior to April 1, 2002 and hold water level stable until October 1, 2002. Further, we petition the Board of Directors to provide and maintain the current minimum flow schedule in the tailwater below Douglas Dam.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency are committed to working with the Tennessee Valley Authority to conserve and protect the natural resources of Tennessee.


Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission


Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission